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Careers Without Limits

At AT&T, we’re invested in what our world-changing employees can do – which is anything they put their minds to.

  • I am very grateful to AT&T for acknowledging and addressing employees with disabilities no matter how small or significant the disability may be.

    Frank Territory Manager
  • Along the way, I have learned that we all struggle with some form of disability or another, and it is in everyone's best interest to encourage each other.

    John Principle Member of Technical Staff
  • The culture at AT&T is accepting and inclusive. That makes me smile. It means people have transcended making judgments and base analysis on work performance and me as a person.

    Erika Director of Operations
  • My favorite part of making products and services accessible is that I’m actually making them more usable for all customers, not just those with a disability.

    JohnAccessibility Solutions Engineer
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